23 March 2010

Paul McCartney at Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy

Paul McCartney came to Paris December 9th and thanks to our good friends, Tammy and Gilles, we got to see him in concert.  The last time I saw Paul in concert was in Seattle in the late '70s when he and Wings played there.  I convinced Miles, my boyfriend at the time, to get to the Kingdome well in advance to ensure we had great seating.  

Growing up, my older brothers were big Beatles fans who had all of their albums playing all the time.  From Meet the Beatles, to Rubber Soul, A Hard Day's Night, Help and Revolver, we knew every word to every song.  I remember when Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band came out and we begged my mom to buy it for us.  She thought the album cover was clever, so she caved.  I remember when she made my brother Greg take me and my little brother Eric to see the movie Help.  He was so bummed that we came along with him and his friends.  We had a hard time following the plot (didn't everyone?), but it was still a thrill.  As I recall, there was the Beach Boys camp (YUCK!), the Rolling Stones camp, and the Beatles.  I still think the Beatles were the front runners for talent.  

Paul McCartney is 67 years old!  Still, he gave a phenomenal performance to the crowd's delight.  He did touching tributes to both John and George, each uniquely special.  He charmed the crowd by trying to speak French.

He may be father to a 6 year old, and grandfather to four, but he's as talented as ever.  He had amazing stamina and thrilled us with two encores. 

Here's his setlist:
Magical Mystery Tour
Drive My Car
Only Mama Knows
Flaming Pie
Got To Get You Into My Life
Let Me Roll It / Foxy Lady
The Long and Winding Road
(I Want To) Come Home
My Love
Here TOday
Dance Tonight
And I Love Her
Mrs. Vanderbilt
Eleanor Rigby
Band on the Run
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
Sing the Changes
Back in the U.S.S.R
I've Got A Feeling
Paperback Writer
A Day in the Life / Give Peace a Chance
Let It Be
Live and Let Die
Hey Jude

Encore 1
Day Tripper
Lady Madonna
Get Back

Encore 2
Helter Skelter
Sgt. Pepper's Loney Hearts Club Band (Reprise)
The End

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  1. You write about stress and sadness and joy and adventure in a way that makes me connect to it all. Next career? Keep up living in the moment and making the most of all life offers you.