23 October 2009

Just Published My First Travel Photo Book

I'm very proud to have published my first travel photo book, A Photo Tour In Paris.

Photo Tour In Paris Travel Book

I’ve entered it into a travel book contest. Aside from being extremely proud of the images and work presented, I’d like to win the contest. Unfortunately, the first round of competition is a popularity contest. The top 15 books with the most votes will move on to the next level and be judged by a panel of photography experts.

I’m asking that you follow the link http://www.blurb.com/photo-book-contest/view_book/912596 take a look (you can review the entire book via full screen) and if you feel it worthy, that you vote for my book.

Thanks in advance. Sure hope you enjoy the book.


17 October 2009

Eiffel Tower and Vendor Artwork

Eiffel Tower at Trocadero
While out on a Photo Tour I spotted this display of artwork hoping to catch the eye and admiration of the tourists visiting the Trocadéro area.

12 October 2009

Of Mice and Croissants

Saturday night we enjoyed a lovely dinner with our new friend Catherine Thomas. Catherine is an intelligent, charming, funny and beautiful Brit working and living in Paris as General Counsel for a privately held European company. We went to Le Fumoir, at her recommendation, and had a fabulous meal.

After dinner, we walked together across the Pont des Arts as Catherine lives in Saint Germain, and we were going there to pick Delaney up from a birthday party. After Catherine strolled off to head home on her street, we continued down rue de Buci and noticed a large crowd peering into the windows of the PAUL's on the corner.

According to its website, PAUL, founded in 1889, has "a network of 360 top quality bakeries throughout France." Well this PAUL's also had mice running wild in the closed restaurant. Lots of them. It reminded me of that Michael Jackson movie - Ben - albeit that was about rats and these were tiny little gray mice. They were up at the window looking back at us. They were scampering all over the counters and the floor. They were cute, but given where they were, it was so gross!

If you look closely at this photo Randy took with his iPhone, you can see a couple on the counter to the left and four or five on the floor. There were actually several dozen running around frolicking with each other. Halfway up the photo on the right, you see a square of light shining on a couple of mice. That is light from the open door of the connecting kitchen on the right. The kitchen has a wall of windows so visible to all of us on the sidewalk were two bakers working with dough making croissants and such for the following morning. We knocked and pointed to the adjoining room to alert them to the mice and mayhem next door. They smiled and shrugged letting us know they were aware but didn't care. Unbelievable.

Not going to PAUL's for croissants anymore. No way.