23 September 2009

An Indian Summer in Paris

We're having a wonderful Indian summer here in the city of lights. The temperatures have been hovering around the mid 70's and the skies have been cloudless. We have settled into our fall routine. Delaney is once again attending her French school and finding herself almost overwhelmed with school work. On top of her grueling schedule of learning math, geography and science in French, she has to take a foreign language (like learning French isn't learning a foreign language), so she is also learning Spanish.

Gina seems busier than ever with work. Her schedule and duties are taking her all over Europe. Last week she was in Brussels for a night, home for a night and in Lisbon for a night. This week she's been to Antwerp for another overnight business trip. Anyone who's done business travel knows it's not pleasant. Having to arrive at the airport early, experience delays and getting home late at night make for very long, tiring days.

Me, I feel very lucky and fortunate. My Photo Tours In Paris business is going strong. I continue to guide people from all over the world around Paris and show them great spots to take photographs. In many cases, these photographers are fairly new to digital photography and want to learn more about how shutter speed, f-stops and ISO all work together. The tours turn into mini photo workshops. I don't feel too much pressure. I'm not in a classroom where I'm expected to understand the instructor, nor do I have to reduce head count or constantly be on a train or an airplane.

We've been in Paris for almost nine months and I can say we're having a good time and enjoying it in spite of the challenges of school and work.