23 December 2008

Almost Ready To Move

Does this look like a house ready for Christmas? Where's the Christmas tree?
Most of the boxes are packed and the furniture is queued to be picked up. The only thing preventing the moving trucks arriving at the house today would be the icy and snowy roads.

What a last week it has been. Normally, the Seattle area doesn’t get too much snow. But this year has been the exception. A white blanket of snow has closed schools, made driving treacherous and made it difficult to keep to tightly scheduled plans. Unfortunately, we had to cancel four going away dinners with friends. Delaney’s school was closed so she didn’t get to say goodbye to many of her friends the way she planned.

Last week we visited San Francisco and successfully obtained our French long term visas. However, at the last moment questions popped up about having the right forms. After much discussion and two and a half hours of sitting on hard plastic chairs in the French Consulate, the bureaucrats pasted visas in each of our US passports.

So far, we’ve sold one car and have another to sell. Having a foot of snow outside makes it hard to show and take for test drives. We still need to find a renter. Tucker (our Chihuahua) received his traveling papers, but we’re still waiting on Scout’s papers. Hopefully, they come today or tomorrow. And I’m sitting here waiting for the movers to arrive.

If all goes as planned, our boxes will be picked up, Gina will attend a going away lunch with her Redmond coworkers, we’ll check into the Residence Inn where we’ll stay until we depart for the airport, and tonight we'll enjoy a prime rib dinner hosted by our dear friends, the Yamauras.

14 December 2008

We're moving to Paris

The countdown is happening quickly. Our flight to Paris leaves in less than two weeks - December 27, 2008. We're excited, but very nervous. There is still much to do! We must sell two cars, finish packing, get our household items moved to storage, get the dogs squared away with the vet and the USDA so we'll have the proper paper work to get them into France, clean the house, clean the front and back yards, and find a renter. On top of that, the three of us must travel to San Francisco this week to visit the French Consulate to get our French resident visas. God help us if there is any flaw in our paper work.

We found a great apartment in Paris. It's on the border of the 7th and 15th Arrondisements, on the 5th floor of an older, classic European style building. We're downsizing from a 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom house to a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment. Let's all hope Randy becomes a reformed packrat.

View from our living room window.